Getting Involved with the Program for Women in Science and Engineering

PWSE Partners across Iowa State

To reach our vision of engaging more women in STEM fields, the Program for Women in Science and Engineering relies on the commitment of individuals outside of our staff. Faculty and staff from across the university are involved with PWSE in a variety of ways, depending on their time, talents, and interests. The examples listed below show some of the ways that ISU faculty, staff, and departments have supported the mission of PWSE. If you are an ISU faculty/staff member who is interested in getting involved with PWSE, we would be glad to discuss with you what might be some options for you (or your department/unit) to connect with PWSE. Just give us a call or drop us an e-mail!

  • If your interest is connecting with K-12 outreach type programs/students: contact Carol Heaverlo, 294-5883,
  • If your interest is partnering on programs for undergraduate students (or transfer students), contact our Retention Coordinator, Allie Rowe, 294-5278,
  • Or, feel free to contact Lora Leigh Chrystal, Director, at 294-4317,

Examples of ways ISU faculty, staff, or departments/units have been involved with PWSE:

  • Presenting sessions or giving tours related to their discipline at the Taking the Road Less Traveled Career Conferences for 6-12 grade girls (happens 6 times a year).
  • Serving as 'panel members' for sessions on issues such as 'balancing career and family', ’differences between undergrad and grad school in STEM', etc.
  • Facilitating sessions on various professional development topics for students (e.g. leadership styles, communication skills, dealing with difficult people, exploring international opportunities, etc.)
  • Going to dinner/coffee with students in the learning communities.
  • Serving on the PWSE Advisory Board
  • Including "Women in STEM" components in NSF and other research proposals

In addition to ISU faculty/staff 'giving' to PWSE, the PWSE staff is also willing to work with faculty, staff, departments on issues related to women in STEM in their areas. Examples of ways PWSE has been involved in departments have included:

  • Using PWSE staff as a resource in making publications/websites gender friendly (assistance in reviewing websites, offering suggestions on wording/messaging, etc.)
  • Partnering on grants, providing letters of support for components that address women in STEM
  • Assisting departments in developing strategies to change departmental climate to be more welcoming and supportive of women
  • Reviewing curriculum/projects to provide ideas on making curriculum and course activities more gender neutral/friendly and engaging for all students.
  • Co-sponsoring programs for female students in STEM departments
  • Having PWSE staff present in classes, departmental/grant programs for K-12 teachers/students on issues related to women in STEM.