PWSE Poster Series

Have you ever wondered what kind of career you could have if you studied science, technology, engineering or mathematics? The Program for Women in Science and Engineering is excited to present our women in STEM careers poster series featuring 7 different women impacting the world in 7 different ways. Meet the women:

Amy Johnson, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations

small photo of Amy

Amy Johnson is a Criminalist for the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigations and tests evidence in the laboratory.


Surya Mallapragada, Iowa State University

small photo of Surya

Dr. Surya Mallapragada is a professor and chair of the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at Iowa State University.


Kim Bogenschutz, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

small photo of Kim

Kim Bogenschutz coordinates the statewide Aquatic Invasive Species Program within the Fisheries Bureau of the DNR.

Mary Rukashaza, Pella Corporation

small photo of Mary

Mary Rukashaza works as an Architectural Engineer for Pella Corporation and does national and international consultanting.

DeDee Smidt, Principal Financial

small photo of Mary

DeDee Smidt works as a Senior Information Security Analyst for Principal Financial.


Kendra Frazier, Dupont Pioneer

small photo of Kendra

Kendra Frazier works in the Technology Development group where the newest technologies related to DNA extraction and PCR of plant (mainly corn) tissue are explored.

Colleen Becker, Rockwell Collins

small photo of Colleen

Colleen Becker is the Principal Engineering Manager on navigation and communication products for the federal government.



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